A seminar on the Philippines Politics on June 25

A seminar on the Philippine Politics

Time and Date: 15:00-18:00, June 25, 2019
Venue: the Seminar room at the 1st Floor of East Building, CSEAS.

1st Speaker: Dr. Kusaka Wataru (Nagoya University)
Title: Disaster, Discipline, Drugs and Duterte: Transformation of
Moral Subjectivities in Leyte, the Philippines
Abstract: Based on my annual ethnographic survey in Western Leyte,
this study explores linkages between the catastrophic damage by
typhoon Yolanda on coconut agriculture in 2013 and killing of a drug
lord mayor by Duterte’s “war on drug” in 2016. Then it claims that the
disaster drastically helped penetration of the neoliberal
governmentality and creation of new moral subjectivities among the
affected people, who proclaim to be “good citizens” and justify
killing of drug users and dealers.

2nd Speaker: Prof. Patricio Abinales (Hawaii University)
Title: Radical Connections – The Philippines and Japan, and Post-Cold
War Radicalism
Abstract: This presentation is about the connections between the
Communist Party of the Philippines and Japanese militants in the
post-Cold War era. It suggests that while the collapse of the Soviet
Union and the shift to capitalism by China meant the end of
institutional revolutionary solidarity, other forms of
internationalism emerged, attempting to fill in the void left by
communist internationalism.