International Workshop: Resource Politics in Asia and Latin America

Date: Oct 11, Fri – Oct 12, Sat
Venue: Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto University
(Middle-sized Meeting Room, 3nd floor of the Inamori Foundation Building)
Host organizer: Isamu Okada (isamuokada[at]


Oct 11, Fri
13:00-13:10 Welcome Speech

13:10-13:40 Jewellord Nem Singh (Leiden University): State Ownership in Latin America’s Oil and Mining: Politics, Agency and Reform

13:40-14:10 Aki Sakaguchi (IDE-JETRO): Swing of Oil Policies and Performance of the Oil Industry in Venezuela

14:10-14:40 Isamu Okada (Nagoya University): State, private, and cooperative miners: How informalization evolved in Bolivian mining sector

14:40-15:00 Discussion

15:00-15:15 Break

15:15-15:45 Julie de los Reyes (CSEAS, Kyoto University): The rush for gold: Mineral investments and geography under finance

15:45-16:15 Akiko Morishita (Ritsumeikan University): Resource Politics in decentralized Indonesia: the complex interaction between global, national and local actors

16:15-16:45 Kei Kurushima (University of Tokyo): Recentralization through decentralization – national forest governance in Thailand

16:45-17:15 Discussion

Oct 12, Sat Nagoya University special seminar session

10:50-11:30 Karl Gerrard See (Nagoya University): “Olongapo and Okinawa: A Closer Look at Two Base Towns”

11:30-12:10 Marjorie D. Resuello (Nagoya University): “Local Economic Development and Disaster Risks in the Philippines”