CSEAS WORKSHOP: Looking toward the Future of Multidisciplinary Area Studies

Looking toward the Future of Multidisciplinary Area Studies
A diverse range of research is now being carried at CSEAS, not only in the humanities and sciences, but also across disciplines, different regions, and on research itself. The purpose of this workshop is to learn from each other’s research approaches and results, share the appeal of diverse fields within multidisciplinary research, and discuss the future direction of our institute.

CSEAS Workshop: Looking toward the Future of Multidisciplinary Area Studies
Date and Time: 15 February 2021. 15:00:16:30
Place (Physical): 3rd Floor Inamori Building Large Room

Overview: Yanagisawa Masayuki
Presentation 15min
Commentators: Ishikawa Noboru and Mario Lopez

Obiya Chika (CSEAS)
A Journey beyond Central Asia, Following the Traces of Muslim Women Liberation Discourses within the Russian Empire: Space, Linkages, and Resonances

In this presentation I would like to introduce my recent “journey” beyond Central Asia, in my main research field, to follow the traces of discourses of Muslim women liberation from within the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century and present some tentative findings based on implications from inter-regional and inter-disciplinary joint research projects.

Yamamoto Hiroyuki (CSEAS)
Information Media and Social Order in the Malay World

This presentation introduces and focuses on the Malay world, characterized by multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multilingual societies. It will consider the role of information media such as newspapers, magazines, plays, and films in the formation and development of a social order and how we can understand this.

Sakamoto Ryota (CSEAS)
Research that begins from those in front of us

In this presentation, I introduce research on Legionella spp., which started from a patient transferred to an emergency room. I will mention and situate this with a story of a 1976 outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Philadelphia, USA and discuss its significance for us today.