• To engage with and develop solutions to complex global issues
  • To strengthen social- and humanities- centered interdisciplinary
    research approaches
  • To enhance understanding and appreciation of the value of
    diversity in human societies

Promotion of trans-disciplinary collaborative research

  • To form academic communities that can deal
    with transnational issues
  • To move toward life-oriented research
    approaches attuned to regional diversity
  • To create socially innovative approaches to the
    needs of the environment
  • To share and use global information resources

Social Contributions

    CSEAS conducts research into common social issues identified through discussions with communities and local specialists. It also disseminates knowledge gained from research through mutual exchange programs and information technology both in English and local vernaculars.

Commitment to Education

    CSEAS provides scholars and postdoctoral researchers with opportunities for interdisciplinary and international research, and encourages participation in inter-regional discussion. CSEAS is also involved in several school and university educational programs, and participates in English-based undergraduate teaching on campus.

Participants at the regional parliament, Yangon