ABE, Shigeyuki

shigeyukiabe cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Research Departments・Position

Political & Economic Coexistence・Affiliated Professor


Research Interests / Keywords

Declining Birthrate and Aging in Japan and Asia


Declining Birthrate and Aging in Japan and Asia

Issues on aging and low birthrate together with social security are serious not only Japan but also in Asia. We have been formerly analyzing the issues in Japan and obtained empirical results such as labor shortage might disappear if we employ healthy retired aged people and how much social security expenses might be saved. We extend the same research to Asia and suggests possible policies by verifying some applicable Japanese experiences. In face of labor shortage Asia’s approach is different. Asia employs foreign labors from neighboring countries. This, however, cannot continue forever. We collect relevant data mostly from government statistics and perform empirical analysis to capture the real issues to propose relevant policy suggestions.