HUA, Xiaobo


Research Departments・Position

Environmental Coexistence・CSEAS Researcher


Area Studies, Land Use, Rural Development

Research Interests / Keywords

・Agricultural intensification
・International labor migration
・Ethnicity and natural resources
・Land system changes in the China-ASEAN borderland


China-ASEAN borderland has been experiencing transitions from the geographical periphery and margins of the nation-states to the frontier characterized by regional markets and comparative advantages in land, labor, and capital responding to economic globalization. My research mainly focuses on tracking and interpreting land use change and livelihood transition and exploring sustainable rural development in this borderland. In addition, I am also interested in some issues on mountain pastoralism and mountain development in southwestern China, and vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in Tibet Plateau, etc.

Research funds

Type Theme Period
Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity start-up Agrarian transformations under small-scale agribusiness investment for fruit crops in the China-ASEAN borderland 2019 – 2020