IGA Tsukasa

Position: affliated associate professor

MAIL: itsuka [at] cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Research Departments

Political & Economic Coexistence


Political Sociology and Area Study in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia

Research Interests

Politics & Media, Social Movements, and Political Scandal & Accountability Politics in Malaysia

My main resaerch questions are 1) how and when the non-institutional actors or channels like media and social movements change politics and society, and 2) what is the result of the social and political change by the actors. I have researched on three themes ①Media and Politics in Southeast Asia, ②Social Movements in Post-Mahathir Malaysia, ③Political Scandal and Accountability in Southeast Asia.

  • 外山文子、日下渉、伊賀司、見市建『21世紀東南アジアの強権政治-「ストロングマン」時代の到来』明石書店、2018年3月。
  • 伊賀司「活性化した社会運動と市民社会の変貌―ブルシ運動による街頭デモの日常化」中村正志・熊谷聡編『ポスト・マハティール時代のマレーシア:政治と経済はどう変わったか』アジア経済研究所、2018年3月、173-212頁。査読有
  • 伊賀司「現代マレーシアにおける「セクシュアリティ・ポリティクス」の誕生―1980年代以降の国家とLGBT運動-」『アジア・アフリカ地域研究』第17​-1号、2017年11月、73-102頁。査読有
  • 伊賀司「マレーシアにおけるメディア統制と与党UMNOの起源―脱植民地期のマレー語ジャーナリズムと政治権力」『東南アジア研究』55巻1号、2017年7月、39-70頁。査読有
  • Tsukasa Iga. 2014. “The Political Role of the Media and the Social Movement in post-Mahathir Malaysia: Toward the End of Competitive Authoritarianism.” Sunait Chutintaranond, Ukrist Pathmanand, and Vinissa Ujjin (eds.), Catching up Southeast Asian New Body: States, Markets and Public Spheres, Bangkok: Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, pp. 415-434. 査読有

  • Media and Politics in Southeast Asia
    The purpose of this research is to clarify political process on control and freedom of media in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia. The qestion of this research is 1) what roles do media play under the competitive authoritarian regime like Malaysia, and 2) how do the technological development influence the political role of media.
  • Social Movements in Post-Mahathir Malaysia
    This research topic focuses on how social movements change politics and society in the post-Mahathir era in Malaysia. This research focuses on mobilization mechanism and results of social movements.
  • Political Scandal and Accountability in Southeast Asia
    The purpose of this research is to clarify political process on the secrecy, opening, and exposure of information in Southeast Asia, especially in Malayisa. This research focuses on the actors, results, and global trends like the introduction of the accountablity conecpet.



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