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A state in which various vulnerabilities related to health has increased due to various functional deterioration and reduction in reserve capacity such as age, musle strength, balance ability, activity and cognitive function, is called “flail”. The purpose of this study is to develop a care model for prevention of flail, showing the relationship between sarcopenia and fall risk . Specifically, 1. Indicate the frequency of flails for elderly people who live a nursing home. 2. To crify differences between evaluation indices of sarcopenia and frail in the elderly with flail and non-flail. We will try to develop care model for individuals with individuality according to daily function according to assessment of changes in priverence of frail, ADLs, degree of care required, care service etc longitudinally with elderly people, facility staff and researchers together. In Japan, where aging is proceeding, social significance is considered to be very high in that it advocates a new way of care and service. we are also considering advocacy and implementation to other countries where the aging is progressing as well.