KISHI Toshihiko


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Research Departments

Political & Economic Coexistence


East Asian History

Research Interests

Reading the Record of a Hundred Years of Intra-East Asian Confl ict / Cooperation through Research in Audio-Visual Materials


  • 貴志俊彦et al. (eds.). 美國在亞洲的文化冷戰(The U.S.A.’s Cultural Cold War in Asia). 台北:稲郷出版社. 2012-6
  • 기시 도시히코 et al. (eds.). 문화냉전과 아시아 : 냉전 연구를 탈중 심화하기 (De-Centering the Cultural Cold War : The U.S. and Asia). 서울:소명출판 . 2012-6.



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