KOZAN, Osamu

Position: Associate Professor

MAIL: kozan [at] cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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Environmental Coexistence



Research Interests

Hydrological process and fire mechanism in tropical peatland in Indonesia
Research on the interaction between continental scale hydrological cycle and human activities

Tropical regions have vast expanses of tropical rainforest sustained by abundant solar energy and rainfall, but in recent years the forests of these regions have been steadily shrinking. Tropical rainforests are undergoing development at such a rapid rate that development has even spread to peat swamp forests, which were previously considered unsuitable. The peat swamp forests of Indonesia were once the last frontier of the tropics, but in recent years they have been cleared on a massive scale for conversion to oil palm plantations and plantations of eucalyptus or acacia to supply raw material for the pulp industry. The problem with peat swamp development is that where once the ground was saturated with water, the water is drained off by a network of drainage canals; this changes the hydrological cycle of the region. Drainage causes the peat swamp to dry out, which causes the organic material stored in huge quantities in the soil to break down. At the same time, the dry soil leads to frequent outbreaks of fire.
      Large scale land use and land cover changes could lead to irreversible changes. Especially, the many islands of Indonesia and their shallow surrounding seas provide a large scale environment that is neither purely oceanic nor terrestrial, and has been termed the Maritime Continent. The Maritime Continent lies at the heart of the Indian and Pacific Warm Pool, whose strong convective heating plays a dominant role in driving the atmospheric circulation over the entire tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans and has a significant influence on the extra tropical circulation. Over this geospheric complex system, land surface process is the key factor to discuss the sustainability in this region. We started multi-disciplinary research including atmospheric, hydrological and carbon cycles. The health impacts of smoke haze caused by peatland fires in Indonesia is evaluated. Specifically, I conducted air quality monitoring during haze seasons for proper exposure assessment and epidemiological studies in Pekanbaru, Riau. These results are compared with the aerosol concentration estimated from the satellite

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  • 「大規模開発下における熱帯泥炭湿地の水文過程解明と防火のための水・植生管理の検討」
    基盤研究(B), 甲山治, 2016 – 2018
  • ‘Investigation of hydrological process of tropical peat wetland and study on water and vegetation management for fire protection under large-scale development’, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B), Osamu Kozan, 2016 – 2018
  • 「泥炭火災適応策としての再湿地化と在来種植林による泥炭生態系の回復と住民の生計向上」, JICA草の根技術協力事業(草の根パートナー型), 甲山治, 2018 – 2021
  • ‘Restoration of Peatland Ecology and Livelihood Improvement through Rewetting and Revegetation toward the Prevention of Peat Fires’, JICA Partnership Program, Osamu Kozan, 2018 – 2021



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