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Global Humanosphere


Economics, Finance & Development

Research Interests

Macroeconomy and Economic Reform in Myanmar
Rural Finance and Microfinance: Laos Saving and Credit Union and other cases
Financial System in ASEAN 4, in particular on Corporate Finance and Bond Market

    Among my major field of the financial system in Southeast Asia, the first theme, ‘Myanmar economy’ occupied a substantial portion reflected by its rapidly changing political and economic clement. In October, I published co-editing and authoring monograph, as a fruits of three years lasting research project. Also I resumed the study on the economic structure in the changing period, presenting it at a seminar of international journal in September. The paper was accepted for publication in the next volume. Meanwhile, I continued to implement the field research and organize the seminar, as joint efforts with JICA, and JBIC. The research will be accelerated in the next fiscal year, particularly in forms of policy researches with JICA and Myanmar government. The studies of the second theme, Lao Saving and Credit Union is in the process of completing as papers based on the document and the information collected through the field researches until the last year. Throughout the process, I presented the study at Southeast Asian Society, and discussed small sized research meeting, and discussed with co-author the papers in Laos. The papers schedule to be published at the special edition of Southeast Asian Studies. The research expected to be expanded under a JSPS research fund in the next fiscal year. As a part of such expanding attempt, I also implemented a site visit for Vietnamese case in the summer. For the third theme, the financial system in ASEAN four countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, I worked mainly on the research project in IDE, and concentrated on the bond market issue. I completed a paper on the challenges of bond market development, and presented it at an international conference at Leipzig University in February. Although I planned to implement questionnaire-based survey on SME finance in Thailand, it remained as a preparation, and was postponed to the next fiscal year. As a spin out of the theme, I joined a research project on the strategy of Japanese banks in Asia, organized by Asia and Pacific Institute of Research in Osaka, examining Chinese case.


  • 『金融システム改革と東南アジア:長期趨勢と企業金融の実証分析』 勁草書房 2015年2月 (第32回大平正芳記念賞 受賞)
  • 『現代東アジア経済論』 ミネルヴァ書房 共編著(共編者:深川由起子) 2017年10月
  • 『ミャンマー経済の新しい光』 頸草書房 共編著 (共編者:尾高煌之助) 2012年9月
  • 『新版 開発金融論』 日本評論社 共著 (共著者:奥田英信 生島靖久) 2010年6月(旧版は2006年)
  • Economic Transition in Myanmar After 1988: Market Economy Versus State Control, NUS Press & CSEAS of Kyoto University, Singapore, Co-editor and Co-author (with Koichi Fujita and Ikuko Okamoto), April, 2009


    Academic Articles

  • Sengsourivong, Kongpasa and Fumiharu Mieno, 2015, “The Impact of Saving and Credit Union Program on Household Welfare in Lao PDR: Case Study in Valentine Vicinity in mid-2000s”, Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 3 Supplementary Issue, p.85-111, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
  • Mieno, Fumiharu 2013 “Toward Myanmar’s New Stage of Development: Transition from Military Rule to the Market”, Asian Economic Policy Review, Vol.8, No.1, p. 94-117, June, 2013
  • 三重野文晴 2008 「東南アジアのコーポレート・ファイナンスの基底構造について:タイ・マレーシアを観察事例に」『アジア研究』 54巻 2号 11-33頁 アジア政経学会 2008年4月
  • 三重野文晴 2006 「東南アジアの工業化、直接投資と企業の資金調達」 『経済研究』 第57巻 第2号 121-135頁 一橋大学経済研究所, 2006年4月
  • Mieno, Fumiharu 2006 “Fund Mobilization and Investment Behavior in Thai Manufacturing Firms in the Early 1990s.” Asian Economic Journal Vol.20 No.1 pp.95-122, March 2006



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