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Political Science

Research Interests

Comparative study on Latin American politics after neoliberal reforms / Field research on local politics in highland Ayacucho, Peru.

I am aiming at making a framework for the comparative analysis of political regimes and their changing dynamics in Latin America, focusing on the Peruvian case. To achieve my aim, I have been conducting three types of field-research. The first type is the macro-analysis of Peruvian politics, whose themes are, among others, Peru’s historical and structural features, the continuity and changes of the features, dynamics of Fujimori administration (1990-2000) and political trends in this century. The second type is to focus on the micro-level political process—that of the Huanta Province, Ayacucho Region—in order to verify the hypothesis formed by the marco-level analysis. The third type of research is to pass the focus on the people living in the politics, conducting questionnaire survey on the political participation.

  • Yusuke Murakami (ed.). Perú en la era del Chino: la política no institucionalizada y el pueblo en busca de un Salvador. 2ª. edición, Ideología y política 27, Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos y Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University, 698p. (1ª. edición, 2007, 715p). 2012.
  • Yusuke Murakami (ed.). América Latina en la era posneoliberal: democracia, confl ictos y desigualdad. América problema 37, Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos y Center for Integrated Area Stuidies, Kyoto University, 246p. 2013.



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