Position:Assistant Professor

MAIL: nakayama180416[at]

Research Departments

Political & Economic Coexistence


Agricultural History, Migration History, Borderlands History

Research Interests

1. Remaining Japanese in Sakhalin
2. Agricultural Social Hisotry in Borderlands
3. Application of Area Informatics to Borderland History

    ・history and the actual condition of Remaining Japanese
    ・analyzing the influences and the results on ordinaly people of Border-shifting

    ・Social History of Agriculture in Borderlands
    ・rethinking of the relationships between land and people, nature and human

    ・making a date base of local media and memoirs including those headlines and texts as historical materials of Boderlands
    ・making it easy to search historical information, such as headlines, people names and place names

  • NAKAYAMA Taisho, Subarctic Colony Karafuto, Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2014. (Japanese)
  • NAKAYAMA Taisho, “Remaining Japanese in Sakhalin,” in ed. ARARAGI Shinzo, Migration in Post-Empire, Tokyo: Bensei Publishing, 2013. (Japanese)

  • Application of Area Informatics to Borderland History (Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research [KAKENHI], 2016-2018)

  • Award of The Agricultural History Society of Japan, 2016.