Position:Associate Professor

MAIL: obiya [at]

Research Departments

Social Coexistence


Central Asian Studies

Research Interests

Modern history of Central Asia, especially for the revolutionary period / Soviet-socialist modernization in Central Asia and its implications for today / Database building for Turkestanskii Sbornik as an example of preserving and sharing historical materials


  • C. Obiya and H. Kuroki (eds.). Political Violence and Human Security in the Post-9.11 World. JCAS Symposium Series No. 24, State Nation and Ethnic Relations IX, Osaka: The Japan Center for Area Studies, NME, 254p. 2006.
  • C. Obiya. “The Basmachi Movement as a Mirror of Central Asian Society in the Revolutionary Period”. Social Protests and Nation-Building in the Middle East and Central Asia, IDE Development Perspective Series No. 1, Chiba: Institute of Developing Economies JETRO, pp. 88-104. 2003.



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