OKADA Masashi

Position:Research Fellow

MAIL: p_okada [at] cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Research Departments

Environmental Coexistence


History of Southeast Asian Massif

Research Interests

Formation and Reconstruction of Identity through Migration of Tai People/History of Natural Resources Utilization

    I mainly conduct two research themes. First one is about identity reconstruction of the Tai migrants dispersed globally, and second one is historical analysis about the initiative of the local community in the Southeast Asia mountain world focusing on their resource management and technical adaptation according to natural environment.

    Main Research Articles

  • OKADA Masashi.2009.” Kān sưksā `adīt khǭng chātiphan thammai khāpčhao thưng sončhai prawatsāt khǭng ‘chonklum thai dam’,” in Piyada Chonlawon (ed.), Rūam botkhwām læ bannānukrom wā dūai ʿĒchīa Tawanʿǭk chīang tai sưksā : chalō̜ng khroprō̜p 10 pī khrōngkān ʿĒchīa Tawanʿǭk chīang tai sưksā Mahāwitthayālai Thammasāt, Bangkok: Southeast Asian Studies Program, Thammasat University, pp. 93-104.(タイ語)



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