ONO Mikiko

Position: Assistant Professor

MAIL: onomkk [at] cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Research Departments

Social Coexistence


Area studies, Vietnamese history

Research Interests

・Collection development of materials in Southeast Asia Construction of co-sharing and using system of information resources in Southeast Asia Archiving and digitization of Vietnamese historical materials

Regarding with my achievements this year, I set the following 3 objectives ; 1. Collection development of materials in Southeast Asia, 2. Constructing of co-sharing and using system of area information resources in Southeast Asia, 3. Archiving and digitization of Vietnamese historical materials. The first objective is carried out by adding NARA archives in microfilm which are most important basic material for Southeast Asian Studies after the world war II . The second objective is the successful result that CSEAS library has started to inter-library access with JETRO-IDE Library, Ritsumeikan University Library, and agreed with working group about co-sharing and using materials especially newspapers. The third objective is an ongoing task. Although I carried to digitize some materials in microform and original paper in corporation with Media center and some libraries in Vietnam I have faced to the management digital materials at libraries as problems to be solve.

  • Mikiko Ohno, About the possibility of use gadget devices in multilingual circumstances of library, Anuual bulletin of resources and historical collections office (shiryo-shitsu), the Library of Economics, The University of Tokyo, 4, 75-80, 2014/03, Refereed, Japanese, Research paper(bulletin of university, research institution)



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