Position: Affiliated Assistant Professor

MAIL: h-suzuki [at]

Research Departments

Political & Economic Coexistence


Ecological Resource Utilization, Coastal Areas in Indonesia, Area Studies

Research Interests

Ecological Resource Utilization in Coastal Areas

I research ecological resource utilization, especially constructing timber utilization on pillar dwellings in coastal areas, Indonesia, to discuss how coastal livings have been affected by inland development, and how ecological resource utilization sustains in coastal area’s livings.

  • Haruka Suzuki. 2015. Social Economic Aspects of Long-term Timber use for Sustainability of the Tropical Forest: The Inheritance of Wooden Stilt Houses in the Coastal Community of East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The proceedings of XIV World Forestry Congress.
  • Haruka Suzuki et al. 2016. Outline of the Survey Area in Riau Privince, Indonesia(Chapter 8. Mizuno, K., Fujita, S.M. and Kawai, S eds. Catastrophe and Regeneration in Indonesia’s Peatlands: Ecology, Economy & Society. Singapore: NUP Press, pp.245-280.

  • I conduct several environmental education programs in Indonesia.