TOYOTA, Tomoya


Research Departments・Position

Cross-regional Studies・Affiliated Researcher


Thai Politics, Comparative Politics

Research Interests / Keywords

・Japanese heritage as a regional tourism promotion by the use of cultural properties.
・The first i“Plastic garbage declaration” In the Japan and the problem of the production activity in Kameoka City.


As a member of the Cultural Properties Protection Administration, not only have I secured and protected various cultural property “Items”, I have also proposed new support measures for protecting cultural properties to emphasize utilizing these items scattered throughout the region as an “Influence”. I have began utilizing registration activities of “Japanese Heritages”, In addition, as director of the “Kyoto in Forest Regional Development, General Inc. Association”, made up of governmental administrations, private companies and regional organizations, I am planning, and currently preparing and maintaining an organizational structure to accept foreign visitors for the purpose of industry-academic-government cooperation by way of attracting tourism