Position: Affiliated Assistant Professor

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Research Departments

Environmental Coexistence


Dwelt Environment History and Dwelt Environment Design of South Asia and Indian Ocean World

Research Interests

South Asian Migrant Network and Its Influence on Dwelt Environment Formation over the Indian Ocean
Historical Formation of Dwelt Environment of Colombo

South Asian Migrant Network and Its Influence on Dwelt Environment Formation over the Indian Ocean
Focusing on migrants’ personal, family and Caste (Jāti) histories and their dwelt environments, this study clarifies historical dynamism and contemporary network of South Asian migrants and their contribution on the Indian Ocean world formation.
This study contribute to comprehand everyday lives of trans-Indian Ocean migrants which cross National borders and connect different regions as one major life style of our contemporary world.

Historical Formation of Dwelt Environment of Colombo
Focusing on a city where numerous networks of migrants and antecedent dwellers concentrate and interact, this case study clarifies dynamisms of dwelt environment formation in the Indian Ocean world in detailed scale. This study offers clues to consider possible relation between our lives and Nations.

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  • Local Dwelt Environment Design of Historic Area of Colombo
    This is a practice based on studies on historical formation of dwelt environment in Colombo and in the Indian Ocean world to realize desirable local dwelt environment with dwellers. At the same time, this is a research through practice. The research theorizes a method of local dwelt environment design and integrates practice and research through analysis of record of interaction and transition of practice and local dwelt environment.
  • Global Database on Climate Responsive Dwelt Environment
    This study collects climatic responsive local dwelt environments globally and constructs a database as a tool which promote design of dwelt environment which properly interacts with present and future local climate. By describing each local climate responsive dwelt environment in multi disciplinary way, the database will be a medium which integrates knowledge and technique of dwellers and specialists and promotes communication and cooperation between them.