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Books and Other Materials

 Library, Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Special collection in Southeast Asian languages

  • Charas Collection (Thailand / 9,000 vols.)
  • Yoneo Ishii Collection (Southeast Asia / 15,000 vols.)
  • Foronda Collection (Philippines / 7,000 vols.)
  • Ocampo Collection (Philippines / 1,000 vols.)
  • Indonesia Islam Collection (Indonesia / 2,000 vols.)

Maps and other materials

  • Maps (46,000 leaves)
  • Aerial Photographs (12,000 items)

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CSEAS Maps & Documents Room


CSEAS maintains several databases that contain not only basic research materials such as maps, statistics and visual documentation related to Southeast Asia and its environments, but also valuable resources collected during many groundbreaking projects. CSEAS also maintains experimental databases that contain information critical for area studies research. Applying information science methodologies, these contain information related not only to individual categories, but also to the combinations of categories.
Through these we contribute to the advancement of area studies.




Southeast Asian Periodicals Database