The CSEAS Gender Equality Promotion Committee


The CSEAS Gender Equality Promotion Committee was established in 2016. Based on Kyoto University’s and CSEAS’s Action Plan for Gender Equality Promotion, we take the initiative to organize the following activities for the purpose of promoting gender equality and diversity.

(1) Organization of “Seminar on Gender Equality in Academia” and “Special Seminar: Frontiers of Gender Studies in Asia”: These seminars provide opportunities for the sharing of information and exchange of opinions on situations pertaining to gender equality promotion at overseas institutions, as well as overviews of the latest academic trends in, and discussions on, gender studies. We invite distinguished scholars from abroad who are part of CSEAS’s international network.

(2) Improvement of support system for CSEAS staff with small children: We give various kinds of support for child care during CSEAS-organized and -sponsored events. We also provide for the maintenance of child care space at CSEAS, and conduct regular inquiries to determine the basic child care needs of CSEAS staff.

(3) Publicity on HP:
We provide information and reports on seminars mentioned above (1) on the Committee’s HP.


Seminar Lists

開催日 場所 タイトル・発表者 ポスター
2018.02.02 Room 213 Seminar:
Special Seminar: Frontiers of Gender Studies in Asia

・Peter A. Jackson
・Atsufumi Kato